What people say about working with Heather…

“We truly believe that you helped our son pour a lot of himself into the essay, and we think that really made the difference.” “One hundred percent, his essays put him over the top. Thank you again for being a great writing coach!!! We’ll be giving your name to everyone!!” Steve and Leslie, parents of future University of Pennsylvania student

“I also wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for me in helping prepare my for taking this test and for helping me believe in myself. Thank you for everything.” Peter, former student

“I am incredibly grateful for all of your help during the application process.  Your encouragement, superb editing skills, and responsiveness are deeply appreciated.” — Andy M. accepted to Harvard’s MBA

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work with our son these past few years. You definitely made a large contribution to where he is today. We are amazed at his progress and his induction into the honor society has made us very proud.” – Parents of Kutztown University student

“Heather has provided superior tutoring for the SAT for both of my children. She was always a pleasure to work with, but much more than that, she provided outstanding advice and guidance to assist my children in preparing to take the SAT. I can highly recommend her, and feel extremely lucky to have found her.” — Carole in Douglassville, PA

“The improvements in my manuscript are due primarily to your guidance. I’m only as good as my editor. Your guidance is invaluable. ” — Ann Lake, memoirist

“Your work with our son is the best investment we’ve made in the college process.  So many families are deluged with test prep company pitches and promises.  Your work with students really dials in to each student’s needs. For our son, your test prep work has cleared the veil of intimidation with the testing process and armed him with confidence to go in on test day and conquer it!”– Leigh in Wyomissing, PA

“It is such a pleasure to work with you!  The college application process is stressful; I am so thankful we have you for your knowledge, gentleness, and professionalism.  Thank you for all you do! ” –Eileen in Collegeville, PA

“I’m very happy to report that I got accepted to Stanford Business School and intend to take the offer! I’m convinced I wouldn’t have even gotten interviewed without your help. Thank you so much for working with me on the essays – I sincerely appreciate it.” 2011 MBA applicant, San Francisco, CA

“You have taught me new ways to think, reflect, stretch, to open up. You have taught me to be a better teacher and better writer, of course, but also to be a better friend and person.” –Ann H. from a creative writing class

“Having used the tutoring services of both a well-known company and Heather Goodman, I can say without hesitation that Heather provides the superior value.  In fact, the test-prep companies cannot come close to offering the same high quality of expertise and personal attention provided by Heather.  She thoroughly prepared my son James for the ACT, carefully focusing on those areas most in need of attention.  In addition, her caring and positive demeanor put James completely at ease, allowing him to fully concentrate on the material.  And she was always available to discuss his progress with me following each tutoring session, which I really appreciated.  I credit Heather with James’s great results—his ACT score jumped 5 points: from a 25 to a 30!” –Barbara Swanke

“You and this writing have changed my life.” –Mary K. from creative writing class

“I wanted to give you an update on my son’s scholarship from St. Thomas. He sent in his new ACT score, which was a 27. His previous score was 24. His award went up $5,000! Thank you so very much for your help. I hope that you continue to do this, because I want you to help our younger son. He’s only 13, so we won’t need you for a while, but WOW!” – Mom of a 17-year-old-senior

“I really appreciate your help as well as your ability to deliver a strong product by the time or before the time you promised. All these processes are deadline-driven, so to be able to depend on someone and have them come through is very valuable.” Andrew, MBA applicant

“I look forward to Wednesdays because I can come to your class with my little scratchings and half-formed ideas and you see the possibilities of it all.  You create an informal, welcoming  environment that encourages us to explore our own feelings and share them with one another.  I think you are a very generous, sensitive and compassionate person who puts aside her own writing to take a truly invested interest in ours.  You are one of those compact, thoughtful people that I have always admired; one who is sensitive to the written word, who is gentle with criticism but who inspires me to break barriers and challenge myself beyond my own boundaries. Your introductory lists of quotes, your writing prompts, and your practical information about contests and publishing give added dimension to a class that focuses most of its time on careful consideration of each others’ work.” — Mary Jo Franske, from a private writing class

“When I asked my daughter how she thought the session went, she was very animated and excited to share how great it was.  As a mother, it was so wonderful to see her excitement and confidence in what she learned from you and that she carried the belief that she can score better.” — Mother after ACT tutoring

“You are a gifted teacher. I feel very lucky to have happened upon your class.” — Sandy, from a creative writing class

“You’re such a warm, personable, supportive person and teacher. I really appreciate all I learned from you.” Jen, participant in “Discovering the Writing World”

“I believe that Heather’s outstanding performance in the classroom will have a lasting influence.” Alanna Kennedy, HEI, Inc.

“I want to thank you for all your help with the preparation leading up to the test. I know that it helped tremendously with my daughter’s self-confidence and above all I know she learned a lot!” Christi Luhring

“The sessions Colin has had with you are helping with motivation and organization.” Patrick P.

“She is the best English teacher I ever had.” Tyrone M.

“Heather is my favorite teacher. She talks to the class in a way we can relate. Heather speaks to us as individuals and not projects.” Shawn D.

“Heather was very inspirational…I believe she helped prepare me for a college level course.” Cody B.

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